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Relive Your Australian Journey with Kangaroo Gifts


About us:

With over two and a half decades in the corporate world, we acquired Kangaroo Gifts in 2006 from its original Melbourne-based family owners, who founded it in 1958. Our mission is to offer a distinctive selection of quality merchandise that always prioritises ethical, handcrafted production, featuring original Australian art and celebrating our unique heritage. Our collection includes a diverse range of Australiana, gifts and homeware both locally made and imported.


Our shared values keep us connected and guide us as one team.

Our Passion and Purpose

At the heart of our business is the commitment of inclusiveness. This involves rewarding both Artist and Artisan communities on an ongoing basis. We collaborate directly with these communities, ensuring monthly royalties to Artists based on a profit share arrangement and providing fair, ongoing employment to Artisans who handcraft and hand paint each item.

Our Passion and Purpose
Kangaroo Gifts Artist

Where Art Comes to Life

Every product is a labour of love and reflection. Our Artists express their ideas through classic and contemporary styles, sharing stories of spiritual connections with elders, family, and the land. These stories are creatively represented in our product range, resulting in deeply meaningful and practical products.

Evolving Creativity

Our promise is evident in each item – a work of art characterized by genuine quality and individual craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail. The intricate design reflects both usability and the beauty of spiritually expressive art. We constantly refresh our range with new ideas, art, and originality.


Meet the Australian Artists behind our exclusive collections

Our exclusive collections come to life through the talents of our Australian artists who infuse their unique vision and style into each piece, allowing us to showcase the rich cultural tapestry of this remarkable land we call Australia.